torsdag 11. juni 2009

Magnús Pálsson støtter Redd Nasjonalgalleriet

Magnús Pálsson,
artist, Reykjavík 03.06. 2009

It is rather sad that the Norwegian Ministry of Culture should be fanatically focused on uniting all the major museums in Oslo under one roof. The idea seems to be that the entire Norwegian art and craft scene and history can be viewed in a few hours because it wll seem more efficient and modern yuppie-day man does not have the time to spend on art. No time to think, enjoy, feel and meditate with art.
A few years ago London had a lot of incentive to follow this trend when modern art in this capital city needed space. The British did however not break up the pattern of individual museums. They converted the old Bankside Power Station into the new Tate Modern, extended the National Gallery by the Sainsbury Wing and brought new life to the functioning of old institutions like the Tate Gallery, The Victoria and Albert Museum and even the National Portrait Gallery. This policy seems to have worked well in London and the Tate Modern is now one of the most successful cultural institutions in the world.

Magnús Pálsson, artist, Reykjavík

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