onsdag 18. mars 2009

PRESS RELEASE Oslo, 18th March 2009

Concerning the preservation of the National Gallery in Oslo:

The action “Save the National Gallery” will begin officially on the stairs of the National Gallery on Wednesday 24th March at 17:00.

An appeal will be made by one of the organizers. Music will follow.
The aim of the action is to collect at least 10 000 signatures to show the Minister of Culture that he is on the wrong track.
The signatory’s protocol is available online.

Without going through parliament, the Government has decided to relocate the National Gallery, The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design and the Museum for Contemporary Art to Vestbanen. The Minister for Culture Trond Giske and the Ministry for Cultural Affairs have been resolute in their decision making , and all debate has been stifled.

We, the organisers of this action, cannot accept this. Before any such drastic steps are taken to dismantle the National Gallery and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, we consider that all possible alternatives must be debated and evaluated, both amongst people and in Parliament. The artistic, economic and city planning aspects must be given due consideration.
Prestige should have no bearing on the matter. There is no shame in turning back.

The action has established a website: www.bevarnsjonalgalleriet.org.
The site shows information on the continuing debate together with information on how you can help support the action to save the National Gallery.

If you wish to add your signature to the list which will be handed to the Minister of Culture Trond Giske, send an e-mail to signatur@bevarnasjonalgalleriet.org . Give your name and address.

Should you wish to sign the petition which will be published in the daily newspapers, you must pay kr. 250 to account number 7860.05.00944 . Remember to give your full name and address.

Everyone registered as a signatory of the petition is automatically included in the list which will be handed over to the Minister of Culture Trond Giske.


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